Project Hall of Fame

This page is a collection of good examples of Open Source documentation projects. The projects and examples listed here are not endorsements. It is a collection of good examples to inspire your own Open Source documentation!


The projects listed below aggregate several existing documentation projects:

  • Awesome Documentation: Community-curated resource with examples of great documentation in Open Source projects.

  • Awesome Docs with Static Site Generators: This repo is suppose to give you a bunch of links to themes or ready implementations of documentation portals. They will help you to quickly get some good samples to play with a static site generator that you are interested with.

  • Awesome READMEs: A curated list of awesome READMEs. Find the source content on GitHub.

Toolchain-specific examples

These examples are aggregated by specific toolchains commonly used for Open Source documentation.

Golang Hugo

These examples are good examples of documentation written using the Hugo documentation tool-chain.

  • Open Source Heuristics: This very website you are reading right now? The content is written in a mix of AsciiDoc and Markdown, and published with Hugo.

Python Sphinx

These examples are good examples of documentation written using the Python Sphinx documentation tool-chain. Sphinx has integrations that simplify writing API documentation for Python projects, based on code comments in doc-strings.

  • sphinx-docs-opinionated-quickstart: Quick-start, opinionated template repository to add Sphinx-based documentation to an existing project. Includes ready-to-use Travis CI and configuration files, so you can start writing your docs, and spend less time figuring out tools.

  • parsy: Parsy is an easy way to combine simple, small parsers into complex, larger parsers. If it means anything to you, it’s a monadic parser combinator library for LL(infinity) grammars in the spirit of Parsec, Parsnip, and Parsimmon.